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San Antonio Divorce And Family Law

Maybe you are wondering about the paternity of your child in San Antonio. Or you are not receiving the alimony the court had ordered. Or you may want to get out of your Texas marriage. Then again, maybe you want to be sure your child is cared for if you should die prematurely.

If these questions are on your mind, you have come to the right place. San Antonio divorce lawyer James P. Peterson can help you.

Serving San Antonio, Texas, For Nearly 30 Years

For nearly three decades, attorney Peterson has been helping people like you, whether it be an issue of family law, marital law, or estate planning.

Mr. Peterson's approach to family issues focuses on successfully resolving the conflict outside the courtroom. In his nearly 30 years of legal practice, he has seen too many families win in a courtroom but lose family members to a lifetime of bitterness.

However, if resolution outside the courtroom is not the best option for his client, he will be a fierce litigator.

For Mr. Peterson, law is not just a profession; it is a calling to serve. That is just the way he was raised, to put others first. Within his legal practice, that means attorney Peterson gives the advice and his client makes the decision.

Have Questions About A Texas Divorce? Call Now.

If you have legal questions about family issues, attorney Peterson can help you. Mr. Peterson advises clients in family and estate law. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact James P. Peterson Attorney at Law either online or by phone at: 210-201-7702

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