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Do I Get to Choose the Family That Will Adopt My Baby?

James P. Peterson Attorney at Law July 31, 2023

African-American daughter running while walking with parentsIf you are an expectant parent or have recently had a baby and are exploring adoption as an option, you might be wondering whether you can choose the family that will adopt your baby. Understandably, you want the best for your baby, which is why it makes sense that you want to have control when it comes to choosing the adoptive family.  

The short answer to your question is, “Yes, you can choose the family that will adopt your baby.” You might want to consider contacting an adoption attorney to ensure that the adoption process goes smoothly. James P. Peterson Attorney at Law can explain all of your legal options regarding adoption and provide compassionate guidance through every step of the adoption process. From his office in San Antonio, Texas, James P. Peterson also serves clients in Boerne and New Braunfels.  

Birth Parent Rights in Adoption 

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption, you need to understand your rights as a birth parent before you begin the adoption process. Some of the birth parent rights in adoption include: 

  • The right to understand all of your options for adoption;  

  • The right to be represented by a qualified attorney;  

  • The right to obtain counseling prior to the termination of your parental rights;  

  • The right to choose the family that will adopt your baby;  

  • The right to interview and meet with prospective adoptive parents;  

  • The right to know that the adoptive parents meet the requirements to adopt; and 

  • The right to make sure that the adoption is safe and lawful.  

Adoption laws vary from one state to another. Thus, if you are considering finding adoptive parents in Texas, you might want to consult with a local attorney in Texas. James P. Peterson Attorney at Law provides legal counsel to clients in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Boerne.  

Choosing the Family That Will Adopt Your Baby 

Most adoption agencies let birth parents choose adoptive parents for their children. When birth parents want to choose the family that will adopt their baby, they usually can browse through profiles of prospective adoptive families to choose the parents that meet their preferences. Typically, those profiles contain photos, biographies, letters, and other information about adoptive families. By being able to choose the family that will adopt your baby, you will be more comfortable and confident that your child will be surrounded by love and joy.  

The Birth Parent’s Level of Control in the Adoption Process 

Birth parents can usually choose the level of control they have in the adoption process.

Choosing the Adoptive Family 

As mentioned earlier, birth parents have a right to choose the adoptive family for their children. Many parents have a specific type of family in mind when looking for a family that will adopt their baby.  


Navigate the Adoption Process With Confidence 

Dealing with legal matters is part of the adoption process. James P. Peterson Attorney at Law can help you navigate the legal nuances involved in the process to ensure that everything is handled properly. James P. Peterson is here to help you make the right decisions to ensure a bright future for your child. Reach out today to schedule a strategy session.