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Child Support Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

Why You Should Hire A Lawyer For A Child Support Issue

If you are having a problem collecting child support from your child's father or mother, hiring a lawyer, rather than going through the attorney general, can expedite the process. It is a responsibility of the State Office of the Attorney General in Texas to collect child support and enforce orders. However, they cannot serve as your legal representative. And because of their caseload, an enforcement through the attorney general can take a minimum of three months. Some take as long as 18 months.

Prompt Resolution For Child Support Enforcement

When you hire the firm of James P. Peterson Attorney at Law, the process is much faster. You can be in court two weeks from the day you have retained him. There will be a hearing for a motion to enforce. After, a judge typically orders the parent who is behind in child support to pay 10 to 15 percent of what he or she owes, including attorney fees.

You will have prompt resolution of your case. You can also get back on what you spent on your attorney because he asks the judge to order the other party to pay your attorney fees.

Will I Go To Jail If I Haven't Paid Child Support?

Chances are you won't — if you have a good attorney and you are able to make payments on what you owe. If you have a summons to court in San Antonio for a child support enforcement order, do not go in front of the judge alone. To read more answers to your questions, go to the firm's FAQ page about child support.

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Highly Experienced Representation For Child Support Collection Defense

James P. Peterson Attorney at Law has more than 30 years of experience in child support matters. He will be able to give you an accurate view of your legal options and defend your rights. Send him an email to schedule a time for a free consultation about child support or getting a divorce.