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Custody, Relocation, & Visitation Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

What Are My Rights In Child Custody And Visitation?

If your ex-partner or the guardian of the child has denied you visitation, you have rights. Hiring James P. Peterson, a San Antonio lawyer practicing since 1986, could mean you will not only get make-up visitation time, but also have your attorney fees paid for in the matter.

Attorney Peterson has spent his entire career dedicated to helping parents and children through child custody, relocation and visitation issues. He has tried more than 1,000 custody cases, attended scores of mediations and settled even more cases without trial or mediation.

Custody cases can be the most expensive cases in the courthouse if the parties cannot agree. He can work efficiently so you can have an amicable and affordable custody change, if both parents can agree to the terms. How much a child custody case will cost you to go to court will depend on the parties involved and their ability to reach a resolution that both can live with.

Will The Court Grant Permission For My Ex-Spouse To Move Out Of State?

The answer is whatever will be in the best interest of the child. If you visit your child every chance you get, you pay child support and your former spouse wants to move out of state without a justified reason, attorney Peterson will fight for you.

Defend Your Rights To See Your Child

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