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The Benefits of Creating a Will

July 20, 2021

Protect Your Life Earnings With a Will

You work very hard for your family, earning money and providing a wonderful life for them right now. But what happens when you are gone? How do you make sure your home and other assets and property will be passed down according to your wishes? How do you prevent a contested will?

Since 1986, James P. Peterson Attorney at Law has helped individuals and families in San Antonio protect their estates. His wealth of experience will help you to determine the best strategy for your estate planning and prepare the proper documents that will hold up in court.

The firm offers free consultations regarding:

Is My Will Valid?

There are certain strict requirements for a will. You should have an attorney review your will to see if it meets legal requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Setting Up a Trust For a Minor?

A trust provides security for your child or another minor. But what steps should you take to ensure that money will be properly handled after your death? James P. Peterson Attorney at Law, can sit down with you and determine what steps to take to protect that money from creditors. We can develop a trust that doesn't expire until age 25, or whatever age you decide.

What Is a Lady Bird Deed?

Only used in a few states, a lady bird deed in Texas allows an individual to transfer their home at death to someone without a will or probate.

For most people, a simple will is sufficient. But high net worth individuals need custom estate planning and the means to legally avoid paying the estate tax. Practicing since 1986, attorney Peterson is highly experienced in both areas.

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